Logistics and Support

AI Energy group is well resourced and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to supply a comprehensive range of marine oils and other auxiliary services to offshore installations with any required volumetric demand. AI Energy is one of the few companies in Africa that possess the Offshore- floating Dynamic Positioning (DP)-capable Offshore Barges and Tankers of varying capacities which supplies without the intervention of vessels to rigs, FSOPs etc. offshore thereby reducing cost significantly for Drilling Campaigns.  

Also, to meet customer fuel requirements downstream, AI Energy Group with our fleet of over 50 specially equipped road tanker trucks, have been able to ensure deliveries anytime anywhere efficiently and effectively. Our tankers are equipped with flowmeters, 50-meter hoses and pumps and are all in excellent condition. 

Heavy duty well standardized and calibrated pumps, pumping 1,320 liters per minute are also part of the tools available in AI Energy Group’s collections. 

Service stations have become Logistics and Support service hubs. AI Energy Group by making clever use of their current assets have developed filling stations that can draw on the technical competence of Mechanics and Service technicians to take care of customers fleets by locating sites at easily accessible points in urban and rural areas. When the focus shifts and Electric cars replace combustion engines soon, AI Energy filling stations will function as an operational center of an ecosystem comprising Mobility and Logistics services. 

Logistics and Support
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